The most powerful words you can ever say are the ones you say to yourself.
People with great passion can make the so called (impossible) happen! What are you passionate about? Now go out and do the impossible!
You don’t need better circumstances or a better time to do it. You just NEED to cut the excuses and start putting in the work.
The best way to go is through! Go through that obstacle in front of you; don’t side step it or try and sweep it under the rug, confront it head on and …
When you commit to something bigger than you - you climb to a level much higher than yourself. This is the first step to grow from commitment to callin…
You attract the energy you put out. Think good thoughts, visualize good outcomes. Put that good energy out there every day.
You must make the choice and take the chance if you want anything to change.
To give truly is better than to receive. Be a blessing to others. Happy Thanksgiving!
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